MY PORTFOLIO – I have been working with Chris Wickcliffe and his team since 2013. Originally they hired me to make some minor adjustments to their WordPress website and also make it more mobile friendly. Then in 2016 they decided it needed a complete revamp and I worked with them to do a complete revamp of the website. After the new website was developed they hired on a retainer plan to help with maintenance. and – After meeting Eldon Goates through my work with WickWerks I have been also helping him maintain these two websites of his. Last year, we converted both websites from older outdated code into WordPress and I continue to work with Eldon on a regular basis to maintain both websites. – I have been working with Andrew Murphy since mid-2013. In November 2017 we launched a new mobile friendly design and at the same time replace the system being used to display the classifieds. There are a number of quirks with the new design on mobile phones that we are working out. We are also implementing on-site SEO using keywords, tags, and Google Analytics to help increase traffic. The classifieds section of this website uses a custom posting system built on Gravity Forms for the payment and Toolset for the listings pages. – I have been working with Marc Rosenbaum in various capacities since 2012. I developed his current website in January 2017 and have been helping him for the entire time I have worked with him to maintain a mailing list as well. – I started working with Tom Rosenfeld in September 2017 after he ran a contest to redesign the website for his cafe in Rogers Park. The design of his website was made by someone else but I helped him take the website to completion by figuring out some loose ends that the other developer, for whatever reason, was not able to help Tom with. – I started working with Rosanne Ullman in mid-2017. She needed her website updated to be more mobile friendly and she also needed payment forms added. Currently, I am continuing to work with her to rebuild the User Area (viewed when logged in) of her website within the WordPress environment but this is a very slow process due to the complexity of what she offers users after they sign up and the number of users she already has. – I have been working with Wes Simmons since approximately late 2014. In that time, I have helped him on an as needed basis debug various bugs with the LearnDash WordPress plugin and other plugins he has been using as well as some UI/UX modifications., and – I have been Paul Harb’s go to guy for any website development projects since late 2012. Our relationship began when he needed to have fixed or rebuilt after it had been hacked. Once I had these problems under control I continued to work with him on an as needed basis to monitor the websites security and speed; I also have helped him build the two other websites linked above for other rental properties his company owns.


  • I am a professional photographer in the Chicagoland area and needed someone to create a site for me to both showcase and sell my work. Davood was an excellent candidate for this job. He works fast if you have important deadlines and he is VERY knowledgable when it comes to creating a site. Davood has a strong skill set when it comes to site seo, shopping cart features, email marketing, site speed, and site layout. Davood is also flexible, open to ideas, trustworthy, very patient when it comes to teaching clients how to update the site on their own, reliable, professional, and is always available and responsive to questions in a timely manner. Also, Davood offers extremely fair rates.

    and has an easy to get to office (in the heart of downtown). I strongly suggest working with Davood if you would like to create a website. I invite you to view my website at

    Caitlin Vitale

  • I have worked on several projects with Davood, his service and knowledge is outstanding. He works hard to have his job done perfectly and even if there are any issues along the way, he makes sure that all is fixed. He is reliable and great to work with. I am happy to recommend his services and plan to keep working with me on my upcoming projects.

    Viktoria Nikoletta Pozsgai, Owner & Designer at VN Vision

  • Ran into Davood a bit by accident — a fortunate acquaintance.  He helped us over the hurdles of launching the web site with all the details of getting it to look and act just right.  He was instrumental in guiding us in choices with plugin’s, etc..  Davood was very conscientious in understanding my desires and worked to make the site as I wanted. He is awesome to work with as we continue to update over time because he communicates progress, notes external events that may affect us, and tracks well the lists of changes I request. We have worked together for several years now, and Davood is our go-to source.  Thanks for the great service.

    Eldon Goates, Owner at Synthesis Engineering

  • Davood is a consummate professional. He thoroughly listens to your objectives and then works closely with you to achieve the results you desire. He is focused, analytical and creative which is a rare blend. I would recommend him and speak very highly of him to anyone seeking web development and online services.

    Andrew Murphy


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